How to Submit to Median

Submissions should be sent to, along with a one-sentence summary and a bio of the author. There is no word limit for submitted pieces, but please limit bios to 40 words or less.

Accompanying images and videos are acceptable – images should be provided in either JPG or PNG format, and videos should be embeddable Vimeo or YouTube clips. Author must ensure they have the proper rights to submit and publish any image or video and include any necessary copyright or source information.

By submitting a piece contributors agree to the following conditions:

  • Content originality & attribution: Author(s) certify that they are the original creators of any submitted content and that every attempt has been made to provide proper attribution and properly cite sources when necessary.
  • Content veracity: Author(s) certify every attempt has been made to verify any claims made in submitted works, and where possible, support claims with data.
  • Content ownership: All copyrights for submitted and published work will remain in the possession of the author(s); by submitting a piece, the author(s) grants Median Media, LLC permission to edit, format, publish and republish the work indefinitely in a variety of formats.
  • Editor discretion: The Editor reserves the right to include, reject, or remove from publication any submitted works without prior notice.

If you have any questions please contact prior to submitting any work.

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