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Median’s latest issue, Automation, is now available! Contributions include:

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As the pace of technological innovation continues to accelerate, many things that were previously unimaginable are now possible. In addition to being able to perform new tasks, these technical advances have also greatly impacted the efficiency with which current tasks are performed. We often celebrate technological innovation as being absolutely good, but from a societal perspective what are the effects of these newfound abilities and efficiencies?

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Announcing Median's Third Issue: Post-Industrial!

Median’s third issue, Post-Industrial, is now available! Thank you to everyone who submitted pieces, and especially to ArchDaily for helping spread the word.

Pieces in this issue include:

Open Call for Contributions: Post-Industrial

Post-Industrial As cities around the world experience tremendous declines from their industrial peaks, it is critical to re-imagine the future of the Post-Industrial City. If these cities are to emerge from their current state, what will catalyze this transformation? For those already blighted, how can they be thought of as new sites for opportunity? What innovative ideas from public policy, urban design, economics, or architecture can contribute to shaping the post-industrial landscape’s uncertain future?

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Announcing Medians' Newest Issue: Wealth

Median is excited to announce the release of its second issue: Wealth! Click on the ‘Current Issue’ link to the left to see the contributed pieces.

Thank you to everyone who contributed pieces, as well those of you who will take the time to read and discuss them. The goal of this publication remains to foster an informed conversation with diverse perspectives about important policy topics; as such, feel free to leave your thoughts and comments on each piece.

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Call for Submissions for Median's Next Issue: Wealth

Median is excited to announce the topic for its second issue: Wealth.

One of the defining characteristics of a capitalist economy is that by privatizing the means of production it “rewards” those who most efficiently use those means to create value. As a result, the distribution of income and wealth is not necessarily uniform.

In 2012 the Congressional Research Service estimated that in 2010 the top 1% of households accounted for just over a third of total wealth (34.5%), and the next nine percent of households another 40% of wealth. The bottom 50% of households was estimated to account for just over 1.1% of total wealth.

What does this distribution say about the current state of the economy? If it strays from what is expected or desired, how should it be addressed?

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Announcing Median's Inaugural Issue!

Median is pleased to announce that its inaugural issue on today’s Higher Education system is now available! Visit the Issue page to read all of the contributions.

Thank you to everyone who contributed pieces. This first issue represents the spirit of what Median hopes to become – a place to share & discuss diverse opinions on topics important to today’s society. The contributors’ backgrounds for the first issue are just as diverse as their individual pieces, from a university president to a business consultant.

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Call for Submissions for Median's Inaugural Issue!

Ever wish there were a single place to read a diverse set of viewpoints on the same public or social policy? Or, have you ever wished you could share your own thoughts, but lack the medium or audience?

Median Magazine is now accepting submissions for its inaugural edition!

The first topic is Higher Education, long considered a critical element of our society, but which has recently become the subject of much debate. Is it in need of fundamental reform, or does it still represent a valuable and stable element of society?

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